Stuart Harris

Founder and Chief Scientist

Leadership, Engineering

Next year I will have been writing software for 30 years (that makes me feel old) and I've worked in loads of big corporations. I helped set up Red Badger in 2010 to create a space for like minded individuals to enjoy writing software.

Signature skills

Functional programming, all things tech.

Achievements at Red Badger

It was a great thing to be involved in replatforming Tesco Groceries and helping them with their journey to the Cloud.

The thing that changed me

In the late noughties, I read a blog post called "Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns". It's a great read and it made me realise how crazy I was for spending the past 10 years doing Object Orientation. I went back to my roots, UNIX and Functional Programming and never looked back.

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