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Establish your own digital product capability

Red Badger’s digital product and technical expertise, combined with our Agile and Lean practices empower clients with the tools to grow their digital capability. Power your organisation’s digital future and intentionally design a delivery organisation to drive rapid innovation at scale.
Need help expanding your digital product capability?

How we help clients grow their digital capabilities

All blue chip companies are digital product companies, and those that have established digital product working practices are seeing outsized growth versus the competition. Our teams help you establish a sustainable competitive advantage through embedded digital product best practices at the heart of your organisations on your critical value creation workflows.


Product Management

How do you power your organisation’s digital product transformation for years to come? What do you need to craft a business strategy grounded in demonstrable results and ROI? De-risk your outcomes and improve the quality and efficiency of your digital product teams leveraging our product expertise and best practice advice. Upskill your subject matter experts to coach and co-deliver commercial objectives and embed a product culture in the heart of your business.

Enhance your Product Management teams
01.Product management
02 Scale delivery


Scaled delivery strategy

How do you design a delivery organisation to scale while maintaining delivery speed and quality? Keeping on top of the inevitable complexity and empowering teams aligned to customer value is key.

Red Badger’s teams have a proven model that has succeeded at global blue chips across multiple geographies and product lines. Forecast reliably, keep stakeholders happy and increase your capacity to drive innovation with a robust strategy.

Build a strategy to execute at scale

Mobilise & Scale

How do you seed new cross-functional squads with experts without causing a dip in productivity across your expanding product portfolio? What patterns and expertise are required to operate at increased scale?

Our product squads know how to embed a digital product culture grounded in repeatable, scalable working practices. We work with clients to establish a shared scaling roadmap with clear goals and objectives to ensure you’re primed and ready to scale at pace and with confidence.

Scale without slowing down
03- Mobilise and scale-1
An example of an exceptional digital service

Building global digital capabilities for a retail banking giant

As part of a global transformation programme, the bank had a vision to design, build, support and continuously evolves its digital opportunities, products, features, platforms and capabilities from inception to customer delivery, across all markets. Here’s how we helped establish new digital capabilities to deliver on its objectives.

No time to waste?

Deploy a digital product squad today

If you need a digital product squad to scale your digital product capability or support your product strategy, take advantage of our product expertise to supplement your team and establish a product culture at the heart of your business.

Build digital products and experiences

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Build a modern digital platform for scale
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