Do the right thing.

Do the thing right.

How do we get to the right thing?

Triangle of vision, validation and delivery
  1. Delivery

    Setting up the project in the right way increases efficiency and velocity, allowing the focus to be on feature delivery.

    Triangle Delivery section
  2. Validation

    Validating assumptions by collecting data and customer research means we can prioritise work in the right way; ensuring features with the most customer value are built first.

    Triangle Validation section
  3. Vision

    A strong, aspirational vision is needed to keep the project on track; ensuring all features are continuously getting closer to this end goal.

    Triangle Vision section

How do we do the thing right?

Visualise the workflow on a physical wall for complete transparency.

Build a shared understanding by working in the same place as our clients.

Learn fast by getting to something we can test quickly.

Minimise waste by using real data to forecast and make decisions.

Work in cross-functional teams who have the autonomy to make the right decisions.

Focus on what the users need and deliver improvements incrementally whilst getting continual feedback.

We love tech. But we only use what’s right for the job.

Here is a selection of what we’ve used on recent projects.

  • Serverless logo
  • GraphQL logo
  • Docker logo
  • NodeJS logo
  • React logo
  • Elasticsearch logo
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